Harles Mägi, CEO of Multon met Ben Marks, the first and most known Magento evangelist and asked about new stuff going on at Magento HQ.

Ben was all about the future of Magento ecosystem and he emphasized that Magento has always been about open source, sharing and nurturing its developer ecosystem that’s behind its long term success. The news is that there is now a new organization The Magento Association, which has been created to advance and empower the global community and commerce ecosystem through collaboration, education and thought leadership. So his message was that The Magento Association is there for everyone connected to Magento platform to become a member. There is value for developers, agencies, design companies, solution partners but also merchants and end users of Magento platform.

Joining is free of charge till end of 2019 and here is the link to the registration form

What will you get – lots of training and tips on how to put your Magento into best use, events and conferences for discounted price, and a chance to know first what happens in the ecommerce world. More info in the The Magento Association page.

Ben emphasized that Magento aims to retain its strong influence in the business, and the core has always been the Magento developer ecosystem. The agencies and companies connecting the developers are the ones that understand the merchant requirements, local region, crossborder concerns, they make ecommerce to make sense. It’s important to maintain the culture, and the open source ethos – learn from each other and pay it forward.

Can you imagine that there are 14 trillion transaction done on Magento platform and counting? This is a huge responsibility and tremendous power for Magento. Ben Marks said that any website that is not his friend and makes it hard for him to do what he wants, he is out as there is so much choice. He gave a few secret tips, talk to Harles to find out what are the game changers of future e-commerce:)

Multon is in line with the collaborative spirit of Magento, we are there to deliver the experiences our customers and your customers expect. And of course we are a member of The Magento Association!